PuyoGB League Season 3 has concluded!

Starting from the 6th of April and concluding ahead of time, we were able to complete a very competitive PuyoGB League Season! Season 3 starred multiple players of multiple skill levels, and for the first time we ran the tournament using Puyo Puyo Champions on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

You can watch the entire sets of matches across all four Leagues, and the Play-Offs, using the above link!

For this year, we included a tier for new players learning how to get into competitive Puyo, and compiled them with the lower-ranked Beginner players from last year’s PuyoGB League. We also welcomed some more overseas talent before COVID-19 took the world by storm and threw plans into chaos. As always, the PuyoGB League adds to our official seeding and despite some withdrawals (and one DQ due to a late withdrawal), the League went ahead and was the most competitive yet! The move to Puyo Puyo Champions as the definitive game for the PuyoGB League was the most successful choice and, going forward, future PuyoGB Leagues will be played using Puyo Puyo Champions.

PuyoGB League Season 3 Classified Results:

1) Rock League:

The Rock League was our entry-level League aimed at Beginner-level players. Ashe won the League and took home Gold, winning promotion to the Star League. Werehog won his Play-Off match and followed Ashe with promotion to the Star League. Iron Pro took home Bronze, and starts the next League season as top-seed in Rock League. Booming Signal won the Wooden Spoon, and Boyrocker (not featured) was DQ’d from the League due to not playing any games.

2) Star League:

The Star League was our Higher-beginner/Lower-intermediate League. TenMirim won the League and took home Gold, earning promotion to the Moon League. Fraser York Morgan won his Play-Off match and he too won promotion to the Moon League. Syperion took home Bronze and starts as the top-seed in Star League next season. Agent 3 lost to Werehog in the Play-Off and joins Tich Showers next season in the Rock League following relegation.

3) Moon League:

The Moon League was our Higher-Intermediate/Pro-tier League. A3r1uS from France won Gold and thus earnt promotion to the Crown League. Malachi Choo won Silver, but failed to win her Play-Off match, and thus starts next season as top-seed in the Moon League. Demon Chu took home Bronze. Unfortunately Minalinsky lost out to Fraser York Morgan and follows ETxTreme after being relegated to the Star League.

4) Crown League:

The Crown League is our S-rank Pro-tier League. The UK #1 player Wizzkidwas took back-to-back Championship wins and remains the #1 seed for the UK. Hiku, the #1 player from France had to settle with Silver, and Angel of Diamond takes home a second consecutive Bronze. Patzi won his Play-Off match against Malachi Choo and remains in Crown League. Angel of Gold (formerly known as Gruffin) is relegated to the Moon League.

We look forward to welcoming more UK and Irish talent to bolster against the overseas talent that have enjoyed the PuyoGB League for when we start Season 4. We will re-open sign-ups to people who have withdrawn, and as always, those who have completed Season 3 will automatically be enrolled into the next season of Puyo action.

What’s next?

Sign-ups for the PuyoGB Tetris League are closed.

PuyoGB will be running from the 20th of June our inaugural Tetris League. Following a more traditional format to running an event, entrants will be playing straight Tetris VS sets with the Nintendo Switch version of Puyo Puyo Tetris. Four round-robin groups will compete where the top two of each will go into a Single-Elimination run to the top, similar to our annual PuyoGB Festris™ Tournaments. The tournament will run until the 12th of July.

Regarding offline events, we are actively monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and are following government advice not only here in the UK, but also in the Republic of Ireland. It may seem unlikely that for the rest of the year 2020 we will be able to bring you offline events, so we will be looking at our calendar to run more online tournaments after the success of this year’s PuyoGB Open. We will be updating our Twitter account with more news as soon as we can bring it. Be sure to follow us by clicking here!

Stay safe out there, everyone!

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