PuyoGB Events: A COVID-19 Announcement

Sources: gov.uk advice on Coronavirus ; NHS advice on Coronavirus.

There has been a degree of uncertainty recently following the global pandemic of Coronavirus. Numbers of cases have been rising throughout the world and, as people fear, that number could still rise exponentially in the coming days and weeks.

PuyoGB has a responsibility not only to promote the Puyo Puyo series to people and raise brand awareness, but also an underlying responsibility to its players, volunteers and staff members. As such, we’ve taken the decision to completely suspend all offline planning for the foreseeable future, owing only to the possibility of our attendance at Celtic Throwdown this September in Dublin, Ireland. We cannot, in good conscience, hold talks with events organisers and venues when they’re subject to closure, and following the latest advice from the UK government, cancellations will ultimately be the endgame. While we extend our apologies, we are also mindful that you are supportive of the decisions made, and we ask you all to have patience while we all meander through this tricky situation. Our advice is to continue checking guidelines from the UK Government and the NHS, practice social distancing measures, and wash your hands thoroughly with warm water.

With that said, we are moving forward with preparations for two marquee events in our calendar, and are in talks to bring more events online so that everyone has the opportunity to take part in more competitions going forward.

PuyoGB League Season 3 moved forward – Starting 6th April 2020:PGBL-S3-NewStart.pngOriginally the PuyoGB League was scheduled to start in June, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have made the decision to move the League start forward by two months. This is to cover for any decision made by the UK government to reinstate exams later on in the year (as at the moment they’re cancelled across the board). The Rock League will start from the 6th of April. We’ve forecast that each League will run for two weeks, but we may revise this on the fly. All PuyoGB League entrants will be notified by the Adjudicators if this is to be the case.

Sign-ups now close on 27th of March. To sign-up, click here.

All returning PuyoGB League entrants will be notified from the 28th of March as we aim to draw up the brackets. Rules of this tournament can be found here.

As we’re unable to monitor and get a proper understanding on what’s happening overseas, we regret that those of you who newly signed-up this year from outside the UK and Ireland will no longer be able to take part in this year’s league. We apologise for this decision but we hope you understand why we’ve taken this step. Those who did sign-up will automatically be entered into the PuyoGB Open tournament, details of which are below.

PuyoGB Open brought forward – Running on April 4th:
Our annual PuyoGB Open tournament has also been brought forward as a consequence of the Coronavirus outbreak. Starting before the League on the 4th of April, we invite the world to sign-up to the now-established global Puyo Puyo major tournament. This year, we’re running Puyo Puyo 2 rules using Puyo Puyo Champions on Nintendo Switch.

To sign-up, click here!

Come and have a go! You know you’re good enough!

PuyoGB Tetris League Clarity:
To deal with concerns regarding the PuyoGB Tetris League, we are re-opening sign-ups and keeping that open to all players worldwide. We’ll look to close the sign-ups in May for a Q2 2020 start as initially advised. To sign-up for the Tetris League, click here.

Once again, thank you to you all for your continued patience!

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