PuyoGB League Season 3 announced!

If you recall this post, we hinted at a couple of posts and riddles that were initially posted on our Twitter, with the final one in the linked blog. It’s now time to put this to bed and tell you it was all leading to this:


We are pleased to announce that the PuyoGB League Season 3 has been confirmed and will take place starting in June 2020. As well as our Beginner, Intermediate and Pro-tiers getting a rebrand, we are opening our league to new players just starting out in competitive Puyo Puyo. This season will be played using the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of Puyo Puyo Champions only, and we encourage all Puyo players in the UK and Ireland to sign-up and take part.

To sign-up for the league, click here!

All players that took part in Season 2 are automatically entered, but we request those players to update their credentials by following the link.

What’s new in PuyoGB League Season 3?
As we mentioned, we now have a new League for all players learning to play Puyo Puyo competitively. We’ve learnt from Season 1 that people do want to learn and play, but they want to be benchmarked against players of similar skill rather than be crushed by stronger players. Because of this, we have introduced the following:

  1. Rock League – For all new players looking to learn Puyo Puyo Champions. This league will be played in a single-set FT5 games format.
  2. Star League – For stronger players that are accustomed to competitive play. This league will be played in a single-set FT10 games format.
  3. Moon League – For intermediate-skilled players looking for stronger competition. This league will also be played in a single-set FT10 games format.
  4. Crown League – For our top players. This league will be played in a single-set FT20 games format.

All Leagues will have active promotion and demotion for those who finish top and bottom respectively, with those finishing second from top and second from bottom taking place in a play-off match to determine promotion/demotion, just as in Season 2.

Because we’re moving to Puyo Puyo Champions, all players can play their match without the need of an adjudicator providing they save their replay and make it available to an adjudicator to verify the score and to allow the replay to be uploaded to the PuyoGB YouTube Channel. Each League will be played in a two-week window with the play-offs streamed live on the final Saturday (date to be confirmed, but looking to be in August).

We look forward to seeing you on the circuit!

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