PuyoGB in 2020: Initial News and Updates

After a busy 2019 we’re beginning to look to the possibility of continuing our partnerships with events organisers to bring more PuyoGB events to you in 2020. In addition, the staff at PuyoGB are looking at different ways to bring more events online to engage new and existing players as well as continue to build the PuyoGB community in Ireland after our success at Celtic Throwdown last year.

New Year: New League!

Following-on the success of the 2019 Festris™ Tournament, and the immense competition shown at both the Celtic Throwdown and NGI Revolution Swap Tournaments, PuyoGB is continuing its support to Puyo Puyo Tetris with its inaugural Tetris League. This will be a league run as a side-event to help facilitate Tetris players within our community. Puyo players will not want to pass this up however, as we’re sure it’ll help build their Tetris skills so that they can be proficient in both game modes for future Swap tournaments, a rubric we’re not going to dismiss anytime soon given it’s still considered a viable entry point for new players looking to learn Puyo while playing Tetris.

If you’re interested in taking part, click here!

The League will be run in Q2 2020 using Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of Puyo Puyo Tetris. Sign-ups will close on 13th February. Full rulings will be decided on a later date.

Riddle me this?
Some people within PuyoGB have noticed that there have been a couple of puzzles sent on our official Twitter channel. Some have tried to decipher these but so far haven’t found the solution. We have one final puzzle here:

FxE || B4 || 168 || 6!

We feel this should give you the necessary information required to piece it all together.

Future Events:
We’re looking to increase our presence throughout the UK and Ireland and are in talks with other events organisers to bring our game and our tournaments to your area. We’ll be looking at other venues to increase our presence, and as always our staff and volunteers make all of this possible. Without them being dedicated to the cause, we wouldn’t be able to bring our games and events to you. We’re eternally grateful to each and every one of them for their involvement in sharing the love. We also extend our eternal gratitude to Sega Europe for their involvement in helping promote the game and supplying PuyoGB with prizes for those players who are lucky to win our tournaments.

On this note, we are looking to return to Dublin, Ireland for Celtic Throwdown 2020, bringing both PPT Swap and Puyo Champions tournaments again, as well as looking to work again with NGI to bring the same tournaments at this year’s Revolution 20XX. We’re also looking to organise more events in Scotland, and bring PuyoGB to Wales to find the best Welsh players in the country! Stay tuned to our Twitter account, and indeed join our Discord server for more information on these.

We hope to see you on the circuit in 2020!

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