PuyoGB at Celtic Throwdown

We are pleased to announce, indeed confirm, that PuyoGB will be crossing the Irish Sea to hold two tournaments in Dublin, Ireland for Celtic Throwdown, and we are extending the invite to our European and Global players to come over to take part in our maiden international event. Celtic Throwdown will take place on Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September. On the Saturday, we will be running a Puyo Puyo Tetris Swap Tournament, and on the Sunday we will be running a Puyo 2 rule Puyo Puyo Champions tournament. Both of these tournaments will be run on Nintendo Switch.

PuyoGB has been the community for the three home countries on the British mainland, and as part of our expansion within the island of Ireland, PuyoGB will become the community hub for any and all upcoming Irish players, whether from Northern or the Republic.

To sign-up for Celtic Throwdown, please visit: https://smash.gg/tournament/celtic-throwdown-2019/details
Details about how to get to the venue, including a special rate on accommodation at the venue, can be found here: http://celticthrowdown.com/accommodation/

Celtic_Puyo_FINALCredit to Crumptain for the attract art!

Travel Information:
For international players who aren’t part of the UK, the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, you will need to check what entry requirements you need when entering Ireland. Many countries will not require a visa to enter Ireland (e.g. USA, Japan, Australia), but please check with the Irish Embassy in your country.
For UK players making the journey, because the UK and Ireland are part of the Common Travel Area (which is not governed by the EU), you can travel freely between the two countries even without needing a passport. However, we advise to travel with a passport if you lack a valid photo ID (e.g. a Driver’s Licence).

We look forward to seeing you in Dublin for the tournaments!

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