Upcoming Scottish Event! PlayExpo Glasgow

We’ve not had much in the way of Events with Puyo In Scotland,  the last event I know of was Bigfest in Edinburgh back in October 2018. That’s all changed recently with PlayExpo reaching out to PuyoGB and offering us a stand at PlayExpo Glasgow (Along with other PlayExpo events such as Manchester and London). The event is at The Braehead Arena on the 8th and 9th of June, we’ll have free to play set ups for Puyo Puyo Tetris and Champions, with a tournament for both games over the weekend!

Here’s the promotional poster I made for the event: Plaexpo Glasgow PuyoGB Poster Done

If you’d like to get tickets for the event then here’s a link to their website :https://www.playexpoglasgow.com/

It must be said that I’m very excited to help run the stand, last time I did was at MCM Manchester last July! I hope to see as many people come as possible, it would be awesome to see some of my friends and new faces!


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