PuyoGB League Season 2 Results

First of all, Happy Easter everyone!
Secondly, I apologise profusely that I haven’t had the time to update the blog. Outside from the usual running of the community it has been a tough slog. However, I owe it to you all some news and details that have been happening these past couple of months.

PuyoGB @ GameBlast 2019:
On Saturday the 23rd of February I was invited to Sega Europe HQ in London to be part of the Special Effect GameBlast 24 hour livestream, a charity stream aimed at raising money to allow people with disabilities to be able to play games. This is such a fantastic cause and an opportunity I couldn’t pass up on. I firmly believe that everyone should be able to play and enjoy gaming irrespective of ability, and no disability should rob a person of the sheer enjoyment gaming can bring. Sega raised £2000 over the course of the 24 hour livestream, and it was great fun meeting more of the people who work behind the scenes on the games we love, enabling us to enjoy them.

Road to Celtic Throwdown? PuyoGB’s expansion and commitment:
PuyoGB has held talks with Celtic Throwdown, one of the premier esports events in Ireland, and (owing to the catastrophe that is Brexit) we’ll be running two tournaments in Dublin over the course of the weekend. We’ll be running a Puyo Puyo Tetris Swap Tournament on the 31st of August, followed by a Puyo Puyo Tsu rule tournament using Puyo Puyo eSports on the 1st of September.

Credit to Crumptain for the attract art.

For information about Celtic Throwdown, click here.

In addition to working alongside Celtic Throwdown, PuyoGB has become the de facto community for Ireland as well. Anyone from either Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland will be assigned the Irish Players tag if they join the PuyoGB Discord. Click here to join!

Also, as part of our expansion to help bring Puyo Puyo to a wider audience, I am liaising with interested parties to ensure that we’re able to continue to spread and sustain the influence of Puyo not just in the UK, but also across Europe. Once agreements are made as in the case of Celtic Throwdown, we’ll bring the news to you. Any events happening on mainland Europe that have attract posters will be shown during our streams to help drum up turnout and support, which also includes posters from our friends at the French Community Bayoen, and German Community PPT Germany.

PuyoGB League Season 2 Results:
From the 9th of March through to the 20th of April, the second season of the PuyoGB League was run. We started with two weeks of Beginner League matches, followed by two weeks of the Intermediate League, and two weeks of the Pro League, concluding with Play-Offs that happened on the 20th of April. The condensed format of the league worked better for many of the players and was a marked improvement over the long format from Season 1. After all matches were played and the results tallied, the final results tables are now available and have been published:

PGBL-BeginnerLeagueResultsThe Beginner League saw some remarkable improvements from players over last season, with Crumptain being the biggest surprise, winning the League and earning automatic promotion. TenMirim from the Czech Republic and Lux also took Top 3 and earned promotion from the Beginner League to the Intermediate League.

PGBL-IntermediateLeagueResultsThe Intermediate League was a very close-run encounter! Competition was fierce, so fierce in fact the adjudicators had to DQ a player due to poor etiquette. Tich Showers and Mr. BootCamp found themselves relegated to the Beginner League, with DaMisanthrope just surviving. Demon Chu won the Intermediate League and earned automatic promotion, with JThePilot from Ireland taking the second coveted promotion spot ahead of Australian player Malachi Choo on the virtue of a better win ratio (as illustrated in the Point Diff column).

PGBL-ProLeagueResultsPerhaps the most fiercely contested league was the Pro League, with a lot of very good plays being made throughout. Gecko couldn’t manage a single win and ended up being relegated, with Blu also missing out from surviving the drop. Perhaps the most amazing thing was the Top 3 were level on points throughout, with Wizzkidwas winning the Pro League and returning to the UK #1 spot on virtue of Point Difference alone! Last year’s outright winner RoryTheFiend finished second and is back to being the UK #2 player, drawing level with top French player Angel of Diamond, who takes third place as he lost to both Wizzkidwas and RoryTheFiend in the league.

Details for Season 3 of the PuyoGB League will be announced in due course, with the British and Irish players eligible for tournament seeding for events.

The Road to Revolution? Announcement due soon:
As part of PuyoGB’s commitment to organise more events within the country, we are continuing our collaborating with NGI and have secured Puyo Puyo Tetris as a main event tournament in London during the 11th-13th of October at Bolney Meadow, Vauxhall. This is a huge step forward in bringing Puyo to a wider audience, and is one of the first main event tournaments showcasing Puyo outside of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Players that took part in Season 2 of the PuyoGB League will be eyeing this event with the opportunity to come and showcase their talent! More details on that later.

On a final note:

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