Dare to dream! Quote for i64 obtained.

PuyoGB has received a quote from Belong Gaming Arenas with regards to setting up two days of Puyo Puyo Tetris (possibly Puyo Puyo eSports) tournaments at the 64th edition of Insomnia during the Easter weekend of 2019 (April). Insomnia is one of the largest esports events in the UK, with shows running twice a year.

The quote itself is going to take a lot of crowdfunding and help from people who share the same views as us promoting the game nationally, internationally, and globally, and as such we’re appealing to anyone who would be happy to help chip-in so that we can achieve our goal in roughly six months. You can be sure that the leading players in the UK will be attending, and while we do have a quote, we will continue to negotiate to see what works best for us. You’ll get news on that the moment we do.

If we are successful, this will be a huge step in laying the foundation for Puyo Puyo as an esports series in the UK!

If you want to support PuyoGB with a donation, please visit our Ko-fi page here: https://ko-fi.com/puyogb

As always, we are indebted to your kindness, and thank you so much if you pledge money to help us achieve our goal!

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