PuyoGB League has concluded, plus extras!

Can’t believe it’s been some time since I last contributed to an article here! I apologise profusely. It’s not easy juggling stuff outside of the community with what’s been going in within the community!

PuyoGB League has Concluded:
First thing however to inform you folks is that our inaugural season of the PuyoGB League has concluded, and while we had a third of our participants withdraw due to personal reasons, the league itself was a success. We’ve been able to achieve our goal of splitting participants into tiers reflective of their skills. You can see the slideshow below for the truncated rankings and subsequent leagues.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here’s the league table in full:


Sign-ups for Season 2 of the PuyoGB League will be announced at a later date, with the season itself due to start sometime in Q1 2019. Please keep an eye out for further announcements.

#PLAYExpoLondon Swap Tournament a success:
On the 12th of August, PuyoGB hosted a Puyo Puyo Tetris Swap Tournament on PS4. The event drew in 15 participants, with one player travelling from Nagoya, Japan to be part of the action! While every TO’s worst nightmare happened in that we had footage lost, the majority of the footage was captured, and you can view the video here:

Expanding more?
In other news, PuyoGB is still trying to arrange heading down to Revolution 2018, an NGI event taking place at South Woodford over the 28-30th of September. If successful, PuyoGB will be holding another tournament as one of the side-events on the 30th of September. If you’re in the area, or enjoy your fighting games and want to try your hand at the offerings, please take a gander at their website:¬†http://ngi-revolution.co.uk/

After our success with both MCM Manchester and PlayExpo London, PuyoGB has been contacted by one of the largest esports organisers in the UK, and we are undergoing talks at the moment to see if we can expand Puyo Puyo Tetris into the mainstream. If we’re successful, we’ll be taking small steps to ensure the transition is seamless, but we’ll also be taking a huge leap into establishing the game as an esport in the UK. Let’s be cautiously optimistic in keeping the dream alive!

On a final note, PuyoGB now has 100 members that are UK players. This is a great achievement to have reached our century before being established for a year. We aim to continue to expand, so the more venues we’re able to attend for tournaments and events, the sooner we’ll be able to meet more players and bring them into our community.

As always, we look forward to welcoming you again soon!

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