PuyoGB @ MCM Manchester – A triumph!

We’ve had an absolute blast these past couple of days at MCM Comic Con in Manchester. This has been PuyoGB’s maiden voyage into having a stand at a major convention, and while it was a very modest stand, we did attract some attention and were able to gather more members.

IMG_20180728_083416Initial set-up of the stand.


IMG_20180728_091442RoryTheFiend and Sir Cirno manning the PuyoGB Stand on Saturday 28th July.

Saturday’s feature-filled day saw us arrive at the stand and put it together before 9am as those with priority tickets came in. We were showcasing Puyo Puyo Tetris on PC. We were happy to entice not just young kids but also young adults into playing this game, with some players having played Puyo Puyo Tetris or thinking strongly about buying the game!

IMG_20180728_093550Rulue was the most popular character choice throughout the day!

What’s even more fun was we held a Puyo Puyo Tetris tournament, one that drew a number of players from the convention itself. A handful of people from PuyoGB took part. This was one of the more successful tournaments despite technical difficulties with capturing (meaning we went with the Nintendo Switch version for the tournament).

The real winner from this was an entrant named Natasha, a Tetris player who played with the JoyCon on its side. She was able to see off a lot of competition before being halted by the PuyoGB League leader (at the time of writing) RoryTheFiend. She made it through to the final and won Silver. She’s one to watch!

On top of the tournament, we were happy to see Wizzkidwas and Woomy turn up in Cosplay. A great sight to see, especially when they cosplayed as Strange Klug and Sig respectively. IMG_20180728_122814

Gotta love that Sig dab!

Sunday was a little more of a low-key day, with the focus shifting from Puyo Puyo Tetris to Super Puyo Puyo 2 on Super Famicom.IMG_20180729_094338

We were able to stream the session from the venue, as well as hold a mini tournament. The classic scene was dominated by PuyoGB members, with Wizzkidwas (Gold), Woomy (Silver) and Cirno (Bronze) placing in the top three.


After the tournament had ended, we had some more people from the convention turn up to play four-player Puyo Puyo 2, which was a lot of fun.

IMG_20180729_135143A definite highlight for Sunday was this Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) cosplay coming by our stand and instantly referring to Puyo Puyo as Mean Bean Machine. Taking a picture with Carbuncle (Has Bean) was a stroke of genius!

As the first major experience in setting up the convention and running it for two days, we know where we can improve, and how to make it better in the long-term, but we were able to expand our community by 15 members over the weekend, with nearly all 15 members coming from our time at MCM Manchester. To those who came over to play Puyo Puyo with us, to take an interest in the game we love and are so enthused to push as a major competitive esport, and to those who joined our community because of us being at the convention, and also to our fellow PuyoGB community members who came down not only to support us but also to help out, we thank you so very much! It has been a success, and as we continue to grow and go from strength-to-strength, we’ll be able to break more boundaries and nurture the competitive talent pool that exists in the UK!


Our next stop will be at PlayExpo London in two weeks time! We look forward to seeing you there!

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