The PuyoGB League starts today!

Today’s the 19th of May, and while events such as the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final might be part of the national interest on this fine day, we’re all here to celebrate the launch of the PuyoGB League!


Credit to Niiro for this fantastic attract poster.

A brief synopsis of the rules is listed below.


More detailed rules are available here.

What we will be doing is after each weekend of fixtures, we will be updating the league table and we’ll be posting it on our Twitter page. The Adjudicators will also be recording the matches and uploading them to our YouTube channel. Kei will be streaming his matches as an Adjudicator during each session.

Here are the fixtures for the first two rounds (May 19th & May 20th):
Round 1.pngRound 2.png
Times are in BST (British Summer Time), which is GMT+1.

As an extra incentive for the players this time round, whoever wins the PuyoGB League with 100 or more points will win, at the winners request, store credit for either Steam, the Nintendo eShop, or the PlayStation Store.

Good luck to all of our participants!


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