PuyoGB League Date Confirmed

After announcing the rubric for the PuyoGB League, and hosting a sign-up page for players to take part in, we are pleased to announce that the PuyoGB League has been confirmed to start on Saturday 19th May at 19:00BST. As per the previous post, Puyo Puyo Tetris will be the game used, and we can confirm that 36 people have signed-up to take part in the inaugural League. As per our commitment to continue to support all localised versions of Puyo Puyo Tetris, the PuyoGB League will be played across PC, Switch, and PS4. Each league match will last approximately 10 minutes.

An adjudicator team was set-up within PuyoGB to officiate matches within the league. Consisting of the PuyoGB hierarchy and Promoters panels, the duty of the adjudicator is to record the matches being played, time-keep, and update the leaderboard after each match has been played. Adjudicators may even commentate on the videos to give viewers a flavour. Once all the league matches have been played, they will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Any matches Kei adjudicates will be streamed live.

As 36 players have signed-up, we have agreed that each player only has to play one-another once, which means there are 35 rounds to play! As we endeavour to rattle through two rounds of play across both Saturday and Sunday, we will also host catch-up sessions for players not able to play their rounds on the weekend during Wednesdays, with Kei adjudicating PC and Switch rounds as part of the usual Wednesday night stream. We hope to conclude the League in approximately 20 weeks time.

We have also made provisions for players who do not share the same version of Puyo Puyo Tetris with their opponent. If they are able to obtain the right version to play whilst the league is ongoing, we will allow them to play their matches before the league ends. This also matches our commitment to support all versions.

Once this League has finished, we will be able to put together a three-tier league table for Beginner, Intermediate and Pro players, and then run an active promotion/demotion system for subsequent leagues. However, when future league sign-ups begin, anyone who had missed out on signing-up will be able to sign-up, and they will join the Intermediate league table.

For those who had signed-up to take part in the PuyoGB League, we recommend that you join the PuyoGB Discord as our calling will happen here, as well as details about the fixtures.


PuyoGB-League-LogoCredit to ComicalLew for designing the PuyoGB League logo!

Good luck to one and all!

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