Puyo Puyo Cup a success, and a pathway to the World Puyo Puyo Championships?

The Puyo Puyo Cup at SegaFes in Akihabara this year was a resounding success. It featured some of the best Puyo play one would ever wish to see, and saw Japanese Puyo legend Kumachom walk away with the 1,000,000 yen top prize. Fellow legend Kamestry finished second and walked away with 500,000 yen, with Tom Nadja and Livedesu scooping 100,000 yen for their third and fourth-place finishes respectively.

There is news that Sega are looking to hold the next Puyo Puyo Cup in June, and hold subsequent events bimonthly until February 2019.

However, the biggest news to come from this is that Miyazaki-san, the chairperson of esports for Sega, has mentioned that they are considering holding the World Puyo Puyo Championship in the future, and make mention that it could be possible in March 2019! If this is the case, this will be a massive step forward in completing the dream of a global Puyo Puyo tournament for all the top players in the world to come and compete!

You can rest assured though that PuyoGB will be following this news with great interest, and who knows, the best players in the UK could even feature in this tournament!
How great would that be?

Remember, if you’re a UK player and want to be on the pathway to this championship, be sure to sign-up for the PuyoGB League. Details here!

Source (Japanese).


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