PuyoGB League Announcement

We are pleased to announce that after discussions with some key members of the PuyoGB Community, we have now established a rubric for the PuyoGB League. This rubric will form the metagame standard for the esports competition in the UK, and is designed in a League format that will continue to push and promote the game across all skill levels. As this will be used also to determine seeds for UK tournaments, the format will be simple yet fast-paced in keeping with the game and its mechanics, and while the league itself is designed for online matches, it can be adapted to run offline in local gaming clubs.

To begin, all players must sign-up to take part in the league, and all players of all skill levels will be in the same league table so that we can determine where their skill level lies. As this grows, we will be able to split this table into three league tables, one for Beginners, Intermediates and Pro players. Once these league tables are decided, any new player signing-up will start in the Intermediate League table, and their performances benchmarked against fellow intermediate competitors.

The following information takes into account the League Rules and Regulations, and forms the Laws of the game. As with keeping with the metagame standard for Puyo Puyo Tetris, the rules herein also apply.


We continue to honour our commitment of allowing all main versions of Puyo Puyo Tetris to be used across the league. This is extremely important in particular with offline leagues as it allows clubs to prioritise the console versions over the PC version should that be applicable, and also retains accessibility for all players across all formats.

For the online aspect in particular, where the PC version will most likely be used the most, select matches will be streamed to our YouTube channel so that people can watch these games. Of course, players that take part in this league are allowed to stream their own matches too.


While the league table looks confusing, it’s best to liken it to a normal sports table, like say Rugby or Football. This becomes important particularly when the partition to a three-tier league system takes effect, as further explained in the slide below:


With an active Promotion and Demotion system in effect, our aim is to help breed and nurture the competitive scene in a way whereby it doesn’t detract from the end game in hand, which is to build the national team with the best players.

All sign-ups for the online leg will be handled through here, and please head over to our Discord channel! We’ll point you in the right direction!


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