PC Gamer Weekender

On Saturday 17th February, members of the PuyoGB Community were invited by SEGA to take part in a first-look Puyo Puyo Tetris tournament on PC. All of this was brought about following the interview with Kotaku UK when the community manager of Sega Europe contacted Kei, outlining the details of the tournament, and the PC version of Puyo Puyo Tetris!

Left image: Tournament qualification area.
Right image: A 4×4 set-up of demo units for everybody to play.

Each of us entered into the qualifying rounds, and all of us that attended made it through to the tournament finals. It was also quite fun watching new players, some of which have never seen nor heard of Puyo before, not even in its previous Western guises. The foundation for the community in the UK has certainly been laid.

IMG_20180217_151822Big Bang match with Wizz, Lord Elros, DaMisanthrope and Gecko on centre screen, with other players playing on the other units.

Twitter video from Commentator JoRoSaR filming Kei and Wizz playing Big Bang.

Qualifying lasted until 4pm, and then the tournament started, and was streamed to over 2500 people across Twitch and Steam (not a bad effort). I however forfeited my position at the tournament to join JoRoSaR in the commentary box, and that was a dream come true!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow of pics showing Kei in the commentary box with JoRoSar. Credit to Lord Elros for the external shots. I know, it’s criminal that he doesn’t have blue hair, perhaps BeardedKei would work better, no?

Excerpt from commentary, whereby Kei and JoSoRar make a deal.

As the tournament progressed, all PuyoGB members played in single-elimination heats of four, and while Lord Elros was knocked out of the heat he was in by Wizz, the others sailed on through. DaMisanthrope was knocked out by Turdl3 in the semi-finals, and Gecko knocked Steb out to set-up a Tetris vs Puyo final. Gecko won the match, and with it won £500 of Logitech gear! Nice!

However, Wizz was kept back as the event organisers wanted him to be Gecko’s final opponent. As an exhibition match to the event from PuyoGB, streamed to over 2000 people worldwide…

Suffice to say it didn’t end too well for Gecko! #StairsHype

Wizz took the two-set series 6-0, and with it also won £500 of Logitech gear! How incredible is that?

KeiandWizzonCommsInset from the interview with Wizz before going off the air.

We cannot thank SEGA enough for giving us the opportunity to attend, to showcase our skills to the wider world, and to convey our enthusiasm and support for this game. We are all absolutely honoured and humbled by all of this. As fans, as supporters, and as ambassadors, a sincere heartfelt thank you for everything.

PuyoGB-GroupiePuyoGB Group Shot (left-to-right): Turdl3, Steb, Gecko, Lord Elros, Kei and Wizz.

To close, SEGA have affirmed their sponsorship to PuyoGB by means of prizes and opportunities. While their budget may be limited, they will help all they can by promoting the community and any further tournaments we look to organise across the UK.

Watch this space! Exciting times lay ahead!

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