Puyo Tetris Swap Tourney at GEEK Confirmed!


GEEK have finally confirmed that PuyoGB has the whole day to host our inaugural Swap tournament! The doors will open to the public on Sunday 18th February at 10am, whereby we will be hosting free play sessions. The tournament sign-up will take place at the table, with a start time at 1pm. You can buy your tickets online by clicking here, or at the door on the day!


We are hoping for 32 players across two PS4 systems should make for an interesting tournament. If you’re already attending GEEK and want to reserve your place at the tournament, drop a tweet to us @PuyoPuyoGB or email BlueHairKei@puyogb.co.uk with your online name, and your place will be reserved.

The top three will each win Amazon Gift Cards, and as you’ve paid to come into the venue, the tournament is free entry, so come and have a go!

For more information about GEEK, click here to visit their website.
To buy tickets for the event, click here.

Credit to ComicalLew again for these awesome posters.

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