Puyo Tetris Swap Tournament at Battles in Glasgow on Feb 18th

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Puyo Puyo Tetris tournament being organised by @ComicalLew at Battles in Glasgow is a Swap Mode tournament, which will take place on Sunday 18th Feburary 2018. Details can be found below:

BiG-Swap1Editors Notes: You may find these posters to be similar to the GEEK tournament posters, but that’s because ComicalLew created it. It also runs on the same day as the GEEK event, which is great for continuity.


As a class touch, the event will allow you to bring your own compatible controller, so if you prefer to use the HORI Arcade Stick for Switch, the Pokken Tournament Controller, or any other compatible device, they will allow it.

The £2 entry will be pooled towards the prize winnings, with £22.40 (70% of the winnings) going to the winner and £9.60 (30%) going to the runner-up, it’s definitely worth a go!

I have been informed by ComicalLew that seven of the sixteen places have been filled. You can reserve your spot by contacting the team.

Of course, there will be other games and tournaments at this event too, so go check it out!

Event details below:
Battles in Glasgow Website | BiG Facebook Page | Twitter

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