Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, fellow PuyoGB readers, members, supporters and folks!

We’ve had a pretty good founding few months in 2017 and, after scoring our first tournament at GEEK (click here for details), we’re looking to build further.

As such, PuyoGB will be looking for people who want to share in our ethos, to help build Puyo as an eSport here in the UK, but also looking to help promote Puyo Puyo across the world. If you’re a UK player or wish to get involved, feel free to join our Discord community by clicking here.

I will be returning to talks with MCM to try and establish ourselves at some of the larger conventions. One aim is to get a PuyoGB tournament/stall at MCM Manchester during July. On top of this, I’m also going to try and organise attending various other conventions to allow as many people within the community the chance to meet others and allow the game to grow. Our friends at NGI are also looking to include Puyo Puyo Tetris at their gaming meetups every month to help promote the game further.

Let’s be ambitious in 2018!


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