PuyoGB Swap Mode Tournament at GEEK 18/02/2018



We are extremely pleased to announce that our inaugural Puyo Puyo Tetris Tournament takes place at GEEK in Margate, Kent, on Sunday 18th February 2018! BlueHairKei, Niiro and Gecko will be welcoming all players of all skills to take part in this Single Elimination tournament across two PS4 systems. We are hoping for a minimum of 16 players (ideally 32).

In Swap Mode, both players start in the same game mode (e.g. Tetris), and then after 25 seconds they swap into the other game mode (e.g. Puyo). This alternates between the two game modes every 25 seconds until a winner is decided. So, whether you’re a Puyo Pro or a Top Tetris player, come and have a go! There will be prizes for the winner, runner-up, and third-place.

People already attending GEEK have priority access to this tournament. For those that want to enter but don’t have tickets for the event, I am told by GEEK that they will allow participants to enter on a first-come first-served basis on the day. Feel free to drop a tweet to us @PuyoPuyoGB or email BlueHairKei@puyogb.co.uk with your online name, and I’ll let GEEK know that you’ll be coming. The doors open at 10am, with last entry due by 3pm. Once we get the time confirmed, we shall let you all know!

For more information about GEEK, click here to visit their website.
To buy tickets for the event, click here.

Credit to ComicalLew for creating this awesome attract poster.


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